Perfect Solution For Surface Treatment


We are supplying painting plants with automation technology which are designed for customer’s several necessaries and applications. We are providing different solutions for plastic and metal surface due to customer needs. Furthermore, we are applying different technology for KTL Coating.


Pretreatment: Degreasing, activation, zinc-phosphating, rinsing, pickling, nano-coating and chemical conversion coating

Booth Technology: Fully glazed booths with modern design.

Dry and Water Filtration: Getting best circulating solutions with lower costs in painting booths

Paint supply systems: Paint mixing rooms, multi-component systems

Application Technology: Painting robots

Drying system: Air ventilation systems

Conveyor System: Power+Free conveyor (P&F), skid conveyor systems, circular conveyors, inverted conveyor system, electric monorail systems

Environmental technology: exhaust air filtration, wastewater treatment unit, recovery unit