Perfect Solution For Surface Treatment


Our company has been started manufacturing vehicle painting and drying booths since 1994. DURSTSAFA is procucing industrial plant’s surface treatment, phosphating, ktl, sandblasting, painting and drying booths.

Our Mission

Our cooperation aims to:

Produce qualified and reliable dresing and products which will create a real difference based on an understanding of excellence focused on customer expectations; optimize expectations of all our shareholders with effective use of sources; increase our competitive power both in national and international markets and fulfill our responsibilities to society and environment.

Our Vision

By utilizing wide and effective use of quality systems;

We aim to strengthen our leadership in industrial product groups based on OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers, automotive manufacturing services to become a leading company in painting & drying cabinet and equipment sector in both domestic and foreign markets. We strengthen our pioneering position for technology level in domestic and foreign markets by improving our technology level and our leading role with our accumulated knowledge for design and quality in the sectors as well as creating designs based on customer needs and requirements and using 3D computer assisted software and utilizing computer assisted industrial automation systems in our design.




Safa Booth Machinery Construction Industry LLC

Safa LLC was established by Fahrettin SARIKAYA for manufacturing vehicle painting and drying booths.

Safa Booth Machinery Construction Industry INC.

Safa INC expands its product range such as surface pretreatment, phosphating, KTL, shot blasting, painting and drying. Safa INC. is able to meet all customer demands about industrial plants.

Partnership is started with German based Durst Company

Our company is started business partnership with DURST LACKIER AND U. TROCKNUNGSANLAGEN which is a well known company in Germany.

Our Company Wins European Quality Award

SAFA INC. wins 25th European Quality Award with a great ceremony in France. European Quality Award is given by Spain based Trade Leaders Club which has more than 7,000 members from 112 countries.

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